Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project provides a time and place for cult survivors to present their cult and recovery related artwork.  

Phoenix Project exhibits have occurred during the following ICSA conferences:

2018 - Philadelphia, PA

2016 - Dallas, Texas

2015 - Stockholm, Sweden

2014 - Washngton, DC

2012 - Montreal, Canada

2010 - New York, NY

2008 - Philadelphia, PA

2007 - Brussels, Belgium

2006 - Denver, CO

ICSA welcomes former member and family artists to submit visual art, music, poetry to future Phoenix Projects

Contact ICSA Arts at, if you are interested in learning more.

Diana Pletts, M.A., founded the Phoenix Project.  Diana is a former member of the Path, a charismatic Christian End-Times group, she is working, herself, on the production of artwork to express her own group involvement. Diana has spoken on cult affiliation at colleges and churches, on the radio, as a speaker for Elderhostel, and at Chautauqua Institution. She lives with her husband, Dennis, in New York. She if the former Art and Literary Editor for ICSA Today. Some Phoenix Project works may be considered for publication in ICSA Today.