Diana Pletts

Diana Pletts, MA, founded the ICSA Phoenix Project in 2006 and has directed and coordinated The Phoenix Project at ten ICSA conferences. The Phoenix Project is an exhibit of art, literary, and other artistic works created by former cult members. The exhibit provides a time and space for cult survivors to present their cult and recovery related artwork and to tell their own stories in their own ways. Diana is working to regain and work out her own artistic vision, which was abandoned in 1975, when she left her film program and became a member of the Path, a charismatic End-Times group. Diana went to Wellspring for post-cult counseling help in 1999, then returned to college to complete her cult interrupted undergraduate degree. She also earned a master's degree in communication, writing a thesis project for a cult education information campaign. Diana was the Arts and Literary Editor of ICSA Today for seven years, and was awarded ICSA’s Margaret Singer Award in 2015. She has worked as a writer and adjunct college professor, and today she  loves taking undergraduate visual arts courses. Diana has four adult children and lives in New York with her husband Denny.

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