Tulk, Mark

Mark Tulk has been working professionally as an audio/visual artist since 2005 and is currently based in Plymouth, New Hampshire. He holds a Master of Music (Studio Technology) and specializes in the creation of dynamic, digital media for film, theatre, installation and dance. He is a composer, sound designer, photographer, recording artist and performer, and has toured nationally with Southern-Gothic, Alt-Country musician/storyteller, Jim White. 

In addition to producing his own music and working with clients from all over the world, Mark heads up online mix/mastering service: www.MarkTulkDigital.Media, and is an Ambassador for Imogen Heap's Creative Passport initiative.


Prior to permanently relocating to the US in 2009, Mark escaped The Fellowship, a bible-based cult run out of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Melbourne, Australia.

Fellowship Cult Blues

07 Fellowship Cult Blues.mp3


well something’s not RIGHT. with all the things in my head. I’ve been livin’ for some time. but I feel like I’m dead. I’ve been tryin’ so hard. to be all you want me to. but I just keep fallin’ short. I got the fellowship blues. well there’s no way to dodge it. kinda feels like the draft. there a MASON in your closet. and your wife’s UNDER WITCHCRAFT. well I’m tryin’ to CALL MY ELDER. but I just can’t seem to get thru. and no matter how you look at it. I got the fellowship blues. now it can’t be TOUGH LOVE. if there’s not a little COST. so we’re BRINGING THINGS UP. on the way to southern cross. ‘cause I’m TROUBLED IN SPIRIT. by the brand name displayed on your shoes. and GOD ONLY SPEAKS WITH ONE VOICE. to the fellowship blues. well I’m livin’ life well. and I’m PUTTING THINGS RIGHT. I’m STAYING UNDEFILED. and I’m WALKING IN THE LIGHT. but don’t give me nothin’ for christmas. it might come back to haunt you. and I’m holdin’ on to nothing but the truth. and the fellowship blues. I was reachin’ for my wallet. when I suddenly FELT A CHECK. so I rushed to the bank. but the bank wasn’t open yet. so I’m waitin’ on the roadside. PRAYING ABOUT WHAT’S RIGHT to do. when a voice from the bushes said. ”hey man, you got the fellowship blues”. well I like to write music. but I DON’T THINK YOU’LL RESPOND. to the tune that I’m writin’. and the words in this song. but the time will come. when I won’t even. remember you. ‘cause I’m takin’ my life back. from the fellowship blues.

Broken Boy

01 Broken Boy.mp3


i heard you prayed for cleansing. from the darkness of this song. you called the holy elders to rally you on. that ancient light has faded. no longer at my door. i loved you like a brother. but don’t seem to. anymore. you always seemed so angry. you never gave me your time. you knew your friend abused me. but never thought to call it a crime. some secrets can be tamed. while others knock you to the floor. i used to speak to my father. but don’t seem to. anymore. so into the light. into the heat. the numbness is moving. thru my hands and my feet. our souls are fit for purging. as reason falls away. pressing thru the blackness on our knees. to the narrow way. no reason for returning. and with no-one left behind. with nothing left to search for. and even less to find. for all the years i wasted. and those that wait in store. i used to love my country. but don’t seem to. anymore. broken boy. and now i see what you are. forever lost. a burning star. please take my hand o broken boy. so into the light...