Szimhart, Joseph

Joseph Szimhart began research into cultic influence in 1980 after ending his two-year devotion to a large New Age sect. As a cult interventionist since the early 1980s, he has assisted in over five-hundred interventions in America and abroad. He was chairman of an interdenominational, cult information organization in New Mexico for seven years. Since 1998, he has worked as a mental health professional at a psychiatric emergency hospital. He maintains a cult informational website, lectures, consults for the media, and has published articles, book reviews, and papers related to the cult problem. His novel, Mushroom Satori: The Cult Diary, was released in 2013. His memoir of how he became a cult interventionist, Santa Fe, Bill Tate, and me, appeared in 2020. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from International Cultic Studies Assoc. in 2016. He graduated from the University of Dayton and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He maintains an art career in his private studio.  Website: Email: Phone: (484) 529-1936. Pennsylvania

On This Page

Big Hatch

Some ideas are too grandiose for us to hatch.

Black Swan on Edge

Before a big decision.

Faith Red Cat

Desperately holding on to something that has no source.

Fate of a Planet

A commentary on apocalyptic phobia. 

Finch in Cage

Caging natural beauty is trapping freedom.


Symbolic of human nosiness into the nature of God, and a pun on a graven image.

God's Dice

God plays dice with a raven in the universe.

Phoenix Rising

When we rise again, even our demons dance.

Puzzled Bird

This piece combines a chickadee with my interest in crossword puzzles blended with Piet Mondrian's style. Mondrian was heavily influenced by occult ideas in Blavatsky's Theosophy as I was in my youth. You can find his name in the crossword. I borrowed his style from his piece Victory Boogie Woogie (1944) Victory Boogie-Woogie, 1944 by Piet Mondrian (

The bird could be me or anyone tangled in the puzzles of the occult world at one time!


The other may appear frightening.

Unchained Bird

 Free but carrying chains of history.

Weapon Inspector

Inspired by inspectors sent to Middle East to find and disarm explosives

What Mouse Said

Does a cat care?