Buchman, Arthur

Arthur Buchman is an American-born psychologist and leadership coach in private practice, living since 1990 near Copenhagen, Denmark. He also works online. Born in 1942, he holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Psychology. Arthur specializes in helping people recover from anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, relationship conflicts, and cult involvement. He has experience in two different cults, a yoga group and a pseudo-Christian occult music group. He has been ICSA Today's News Correspondent for Scandinavia. Arthur is currently finishing a Ph.D. thesis for Copenhagen University titled A Life Cycle of Cult Involvement. He has developed The Instant Optimist, a workshop that teaches a practical method for building and maintaining a dependable positive attitude. Arthur Buchman is one of the few mental health professionals in Europe who has expertise as an ex-cult member and is available to travel to help people and their families to recover from a cultic experience. Website: www.arthurbuchman.com Email: arthur@arthurbuchman.com Phone: +45 2825 4444.


Five Piano Pieces

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Da Pacem, Domine

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Derelinquat Impius Viam Suam for 8 Voices

Derelinquat Impius Viam Suam for 8 Voices.mp3

Miserere Mei, Deus for Five Voices

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Blue Still Life

Charcoal Abstract

Charcoal Abstract 2

Portrait of Igor Stravinsky


The Mystical Wedding of St. Catherine


The Elements and Baptismal Prayer


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