Rohmann, Dieter

Dieter Rohmann, Diplom-Psychologe (Univ.) born 1960, lives and works in Munich/Germany. In the early 80ies he was involved in setting up and managing a project for Western dropouts in Goa/India. Focus of this work was both: the rescue and counselling of drug-addicts, mentally disturbed people, and disillusioned sense seekers from various spiritual communities and cults, as well as their repatriation in closed cooperation with western embassies and consulates in India. In 1984 he returned back to Germany where he started to work as a mind control consultant. His own involvement and membership with the "Children of God (COG)" for 7 months in 1979 was a deep going experience for him and showed him finally the way to work in this complicated field of religious cults until today. From 1984 to 1987 he accompanied the then only cult-recovery center in Europe (Johanneshof e.V.) near Bonn. Between 1988 and 1990 he catched up on his high school degree in evening classes in order to study Psychology in the University of Eichstätt. In January 1999 he obtained his university degree in Psychology and completed his studies with the empirical research on: "Possible Predisposition for Cult Involvement.“ He works exclusively with people who left a cult in the past or currently try to struggle free, with people who were born into one of these cults and now try to walk their own ways, with people who experienced spiritual/religious abuse, and with partners and family members of people involved in cults. In all these years he developped several psychotherapeutic concepts for this very specific work with cult-members, gave numerous talks on this topic, and led seminars and workshops in Europe with and for cult-members and former cult-members. He is deeply thankful to all of the former cult-members he was able to accompany in all these years. They made him understand this difficult field better and taught him to stick to this topic. If interested you find more informations (most of it in German) about him and his work here:

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" I enjoy life, love nature, practice free-climbing and travel a lot to places where climbing is possible.

On the way up and down I always pick up small things.

Sometimes also beautiful and special pieces of rocks and pebbles.

After some time home I have an idea/inspiration  and start engraving the rocks.

After that I gild them with 24 carat goldleaves.

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Move On

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Not Only Black and White

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