Alt, Gary

Gary Alt was one of Jehovah's Witnesses from 1974 until 2016. During that time he lived and worked at the world headquarters in Brooklyn NY, and served as a congregation elder. His song, “A Lullaby” reveals not only his creative abilities as a songwriter and musician, but also reflect a positive way of dealing with being shunned by one's own family members as a result of religious disparity. He has written many other songs, some of which have been recorded by other artists. He is a Life Coach who specializes in helping people who have left high-control groups.

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A Lullaby 

A Lullaby.mp4

The practice of shunning former group members is common to many high-control groups. Jehovah's Witnesses extend the practice to even the closest family members, and it is nearly or completely total. "A Lullaby" is my song to my son (or two daughters when a few words are changed) who are still in the JW organization. Mothers and fathers, under normal circumstances, will always love their children unconditionally, regardless of age. My natural love for my kids will never end, even if they're taught, contrary to nature, to cut off certain family members. The door is always open.

Music & words written by Gary Alt, guitar and vocal by Gary Alt. Recorded live at PonderRosa Studios in Lafayette, New Jersey USA. 

This Holy Day

This Holy Day.mp3

Many former Jehovah's Witnesses struggle with deciding how to celebrate the holidays they always eschewed when they were active JWs. If they don't have any traditions to draw on, where and how can they begin? JJ and I thought long and hard about that - she being a former JW who has created certain holiday traditions for her family, and I having grown up with the holidays as a Lutheran until I joined the JWs at age 15. One day we wrote this song. It's about creating future memories for our loved ones, without sweating the details. It doesn't matter what those memories will be, just make them your own and make them happy!

The singer, Gayann, is a former JW living on the east coast of the USA. Music by Gary Alt, words by Gary Alt and JJ, instrumental performances by Gary Alt. 

Wake Up

Wake Up.mp3

I wrote this song with a fictional young female singer in mind, someone who grew up as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but is now out at an early age, perhaps late teens early twenties. She is celebrating her freedom, and the fact that she is now free to grow in any way that is right for her. Her future is nothing but positive.

The young woman I found to sing on the recording is Emma-Jade Mechen, a former JW from New Zealand. Music and words by Gary Alt, all instrumental performances by Gary Alt.